What is Paganism? If you have ever wondered about Paganism, essentially it means "of the Earth." 

Traditionally, Paganism is a ritualistic faith which takes reverence in the Earth, her cycles, and how we fit into them.

It could be argued that a lot of indigenous cultures are in fact Pagan in some way.

The New Moon is, in Paganism and Wicca, a time of great seed planting potential.

SO - this beautiful little piece of bloggery comes to you in the form of a NEW MOON SPELL...a sacred sex magic ritual that you can do alone or with a lover who is aligned with you in desire and intention.

Witch, what?

The new moon is- in the practices of Paganism and Wicca, the time to set your intentions for the coming cycle. It is a platform for quiet introspection, stillness, connecting with your deepest truths and inner self...which is always the best frame of mind to come from when setting intention for manifesting what you desire in your life. 

There have been MANY many civilisations through history and indeed the modern world who have gone by the lunar calendar rather than the solar calendar. Let us honour these and get back to connecting with the mysterious, abundant feminine energy of the moon.

There have indeed been numerous civilisations throughout history that were Goddess worshipping, and there have been countless female deities and Goddesses who have been revered, worshipped and celebrated...and the great majority of those deities were linked with things like love, fertility, sex and passion...hmm I wonder why?

Have you ever thought about the fact that a woman's menstrual cycle is 28 days approximately, the same as the cycle of the moon? And that a lot of women are aligned to either bleed with the new moon or the full moon? 

We are mysterious creatures, us women. 

When is the New Moon?

The New Moon in January of 2019 hits on the 6th. Take some time out to leverage the powerful energy of potential to sew your seeds of intention, and watch them grow during the coming weeks...until the culmination on the full moon, where you celebrate another cycle of moving in the direction of your dreams, and remember magic is all around you.

Give it a go, and see how it pans out!


This is a spell that I created myself, feel free to either follow it to a T, or to modify, change, add or remove any elements...there is no right or wrong way to do magic as it is all about your intention, your time, your focus and most of all...your enjoyment. 


Factor in some quiet time and space where you will not be disturbed for the duration. Turn off the phones and screens, wait till the children are asleep, and make sure that your partner or housemates know to give you your space till you are ready to engage again.


If I am inside I like to do spells in the evening when the sun goes down, and specifically by candlelight. Dim lighting encourages the senses other than sight to be heightened; your experience becomes rather emotive as you are better able to connect with how you feel as opposed to what you can physically see around you.

Doing spells in the garden or outside is also very effective and enjoyable as you are directly convening with the natural world, hence convening with the self, but because of the sexual nature of this spell the best setting might be the bedroom.

The steps are as follows:

1. Decide on an intention. My best advice for spell work is this:

Consider focusing on achieving the HIGHEST GOOD for yourself and your life, rather than materialistic gain or some specific outcome. Often from our limited human perspective we think that we know what is best for us, but often we don't.

Giving over control to the universe, yet using statements and premises like "releasing negativity and damaging thought patterns, increasing health and wellness, vitality and energy...will always see your energy body strengthen and hence ensure the culmination of greater things in your physical world. 

2. Gather objects which link to your intention, this could be corresponding crystals, rocks, natural objects, flowers, feathers, jewellery, keep sakes...anything that is a PHYSICAL REPRESENTATION of your desire.

3. WRITE your intention on a piece of paper. This can be in the form of simple words or a little poetic piece of writing; whatever comes naturally to you. Remember- words are energy too, they have specific vibration and are INCANTATIONS when spoken aloud. At this stage it is important for me to state that whenever you are writing or speaking in magick, you must speak in the present tense- using terms like "I am", instead of "I want" or "I will".

However you state it is how the Universe will see it and grant it. If you are stating to yourself and the Universe that you "WANT" ... guess what? You will just continue in that state of wanting. 

4. REFLECTION, STILLNESS, MEDITATION. First of all surround your self with your objects and your piece of paper in front of you, folded up. Take some time to meditate on your intention, visualise the culmination of it in your mind's eye and also FEEL in your body as though it has already come into fruition...get EXCITED about the results already being visible, and GIVE THANKS. Place yourself in the vibrationally high state of GRATITUDE.

 5. Combining BREATH WORK AND MOVEMENT with meditation. Your energy body is not only directly affected by what you do with your physical body, it also responds to and REFLECTS what you do with your physical body. During your meditation remember to breathe deeply, and wherever you are sitting take some time now to synchronise your breath with some fluid circular movements of your spine, or the Sufi grind. Focus on each slow and deliberate movement and notice how good the sensation of energy within the body feels. End the sufi grind with the root lock and use of mudras, as outlined towards the end of this video.

The root lock is the squeezing of the muscles as though you were holding in a pee. This is the location of the root chakra and it is a portal to your primal, Earth based existence.

When you connect to your root chakra you connect to that human, sexual, creative self so it makes sense to engage it once in a while.

It also strengthens the connection to, and flow of Kundalini energy, or Shakti in Sanskrit, the sexual and creative energy from which everything is made.  

You could also put on some music that makes you feel alive, sensual, electric, energetic, happy, sad...and dance and move. Whatever style and whatever genre speaks to you at the time, go with that. I have been getting into some wonderfully enlivening tribal ecstatic dance, here is a great playlist from Benjamin Crystal on YouTube.  

6. When you feel you have revelled long enough in your intention, deep breaths, movement and gratitude, take some sage or palo santo, or frankincense or even just an incense stick and smudge your bedroom quarters with the smoke and cleanse your space of any negativity with your intention and/ or voice. De-robe and climb into bed. Place candles at each side of the bed or on your bedside tables. Take your crystal wand and place it on your heart centre while breathing deeply and still focusing on your intention. 

As you lay still, allow your intention to slip and subside from your thinking mind, and begin to tune in to the sensitivities of your skin and body. Begin to caress yourself, slowly and consciously. 

Sex magic is essentially combining the energy of orgasm and sexual stimulation with CREATIVE VISUALISATION. 

Next you are going to elevate your consciousness using intention imbued masturbation, read this blog for an outline of this part of the process, or keep reading.

7. MAKE SELF LOVE. I am not going to tell you how or where to touch yourself, you do exactly what it is that you love. The suggestions that I will make as being very effective, is that you extend your pleasure longer than you normally would.

If you bring yourself close to orgasm yet refrain, and do this 3 or 4 times, the neural pathways within your brain are strengthened, hence you are greater impacting your awareness.

Also, it is very important to pay close attention to all the muscles in your body and consciously release any tension you may have using the slow breathing.

Feel free to make sound also as you exhale, this channels the release of energy from the body. 

Most of us tend to constrict the body and shallow the breathing in sex, which doesn't allow for great circulation of energy within the body; rather it keeps the everything localised within the loins. 

There are two things I would like to note here; the first being that when you breathe deeply and purposefully and you focus on releasing tension in your entire body and you welcome (sexual) energy to flow along further and deeper nadis or energy channels. 

The second refers to the spiritual axiom that "wherever attention goes, energy flows"

This is our creative power.

8. FRUITION. When you orgasm bring your intention back into your mind and see it strongly in your third eye, or imagination, remember that imagination is a portal to creation. 

9. ASSIMILATION. Take as long as you want now, to assimilate the new energy you have created in your body. Breathe deep, lay still and feel the electricity course through you. 

10. To finish the spell and cement your intention you have put in place, it is then a nice idea to go and spend a few moments under the night sky. Breathe deep and give thanks to the mysteries of life for all the faculties and capacities that you embody.

Take all the keep sakes and things that you had gathered prior to the spell, the piece of paper you have written your intention on and a candle into the garden. Arrange the objects on the Earth, perhaps in the corner of the garden where you can leave them for a few days without them getting trodden on. This creates a kind of symbolic altar to you and your spell, strengthening its meaning within your subconscious and acts as a visual representation of your intention to the sky, the Gods, and to Spirit.

If your spell was to release something from your life, you can take your folded piece of paper and burn it under the night sky. Whereas if your intention was to manifest something, to bring something in to your life you can bury the paper under the night sky next to your make shift keep-sake altar.


Be aware- things will change, so expect shifts. And only do this practice if you want results. This is quite literally alchemy of the self, this is focused meditation and direction of your energies towards true self actualisation.

This is energy clarification, and rewiring of the brain; and as we know-  it is with our mind that we create our world. 

I also highly doubt that you will want to engage in "normal" self pleasure again after doing this practice once or twice.

The use of sacred elements combined with the cultivation of your sexual energy through the lengthening of the process and the circulation of energy within your body using deep breaths means that the orgasm becomes infinitely more satisfying, fulfilling and powerful.  

So make it a practice, adopt this ritual as part of your life- this is sacred self care.

You can strengthen the power of your spell by repeating it on the first quarter of the moon phase which is about a week after the new moon.

And remember one of the main the rules of magick, KARMA. Whatever you put out comes back to you THREE-FOLD. 

Never use your intention for anything other than good, OR to bend anyone else's will, and remember we are all one.

So happy first New Moon of the year Friends! From me to you, I wish you all just what I would wish for myself, my dearest friends and closest family...LOVE, PROSPERITY, JOY AND HEALTH XXX










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