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Healing and expansion with crystal pleasure tools

Healing and expansion with crystal pleasure tools

Quantum entanglement and the energetics of the subtle body

When you prioritise pleasure, good healthy physical pleasure; you put yourself in a very high, open vibration which communicates to the universe that you are open to more good things. 

Modern science, in the field of quantum physics is now beginning to understand the interconnectivity of the unified field of awareness, and the vibrational nature of reality.

That we are feeling beings.

That the body holds, stores and picks up on the vibratory information of emotion,

This vibratory information of emotion, experienced through, and stored within the body- strongly influences and directs...

The Witch, the priestess, the healer

The Witch, the priestess, the healer

The Sage, the Shaman, The Mage. 

They all mean the same thing-

Yet there is one that sticks out as sounding sinister to our societally conditioned minds, because of a very old smear campaign.

It is hard to ignore the subjugation of the divine feminine within religious and spiritual theology.

Prior to the spread of Christianity there were many cultures and spiritual traditions- which held equal reverence for both the masculine and the feminine poles. 

But more recently- the divine feminine been subjugated,

This is where