How to escape the perils of ageing

How to escape the perils of ageing

Women are always wondering how to stay young or how to slow the ageing process, if this is you read on for a radical new perspective on an age old concern.

Up until now

We have been told from a young age that old = unattractive, that ageing is something we should try to delay, to avoid.

Deep down in a lot of women's minds there is a paralysing fear of getting old. A fear of having children and becoming stretched, saggy, tired, wrinkly. All the horrible things that seem to be the polar opposite of what we find attractive;...

Yoni egg 101

Yoni egg 101

 What is a yoni egg practice?

The yoni egg; or jade egg practice originates from Ancient China- and ancient practice approximately 5000 years old.

Originally known only to the concubines and women in higher society, and today is becoming very well known and widely utilised by women all over the world.

In summary, a yoni egg is a crystal stone carved into the shape of an egg that you insert into the vaginal canal and use intentionally to connect self and heal the relationship with our own yoni, womb and sensual energy

What is the yoni egg practice said...

The real Sex Magick- heal and evolve using your sexual energy

The real Sex Magick- heal and evolve using your sexual energy

Taboo. Guilt. Shame

Have you noticed how taboo of a subject self pleasure is? 

Our pleasure is truly our power.

Pleasure is nourishing to the body and mind, the Ancient Egyptians knew this.

Phew! Well now that's put to rest we can move forward in to a new paradigm and way of thinking regarding sexuality.

Plainly put; a healthily expressed sexuality within an individual is their greatest power and their greatest creative resource. 

Our pleasure is indeed a birthright to us humans and the way that most of us...