Crystal dildos - Yoni wands 

Experience sexual healing, and rewire the body and subconscious mind for deeper states of pleasure with a crystal dildo

Sexual healing is made easy with owning a Yoni Wand.  Crystal dildos do not vibrate, hence they encourage a slower pleasure experience. Slow pleasure rewires the body for deeper G-spot orgasms and cervical orgasms, helping to improve energy flow, and increase overall wellness and vitality in your life. Owning a crystal dildo brings a perspective of ritual and self care to your pleasure practice. Hand shaped from high quality, 100% natural crystal, our wands are the ultimate sacred pleasure tool. Begin by holding your crystal dildo to your heart centre. Drop in and breathe deeply. Tune into the subtleties present in your body and energy field. Hold your crystal to the entrance of your yoni, arrive in the moment, and breathe. There is no rush, no expectation, except for you to meet what arises with the breath, and awareness. When you tune into the truth of your yoni, your body, and your subconscious, your pleasure becomes a ritual to heal and elevate.