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1:1 Coaching

(NB: Coaching sessions are non- demonstrative and purely conversation based. No nudity involved.)

Aysha Adeya offers 1:1 coaching for women who want more focused support in order to heal, resensitize their bodies and lives and reconnect to a deep sense of pleasure, joy, presence and purpose.

Aysha only offers 1:1 coaching and healing services as she works with the energy field of the individual.

With over two decades of yoga, meditation and energy healing practice, as well as qualifying as an Usui Reiki master and teacher four years ago, a degree in the Arts and over ten years as a professional singer, Aysha is available to coach you one on one to move through the energetic and emotional blockages and subconscious patterning holding you back from true joy. 

At the age of 21 Aysha was diagnosed with the chronic condition of the reproductive system; polycystic ovaries. Now at 39, she has in the last two years, entirely healed herself of a lifetime of hormonal issues, which she attributes to energy work and meditation. 

Using a combination of breath work and body work practices, meditation, and neural wiring pleasure ritual, Aysha can help you to resensitize, move through trauma and negative conditioning, and learn how to intentionally heal yourself.  

Understanding your crystal dildo & yoni egg.

Sometimes women buy a yoni egg or wand and end up not using it that much due to a lack of understanding as to how to get the most of it

Aysha is available to guide you through the best ways to heal and resensitize, using either the yoni egg, or Tantric yoni massage and cervical dearmouring practices with a crystal wand.

Using intentional pleasure based practices as well as a combination of breath work, self massage and movement, you can easily and quickly rid the cells of your body of deeply held stress and tension, not only immediately resensitising your body, and increasing orgasmic potential, but quickly elevating your mindset and mood, gradually re-patterning your hormonal profile and deeply rewiring for greater states of pleasure, purpose and joy in your life.

No matter your age, no matter your stage of health- great shifts are accessible using the right tools 



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