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Crystal dildos | Yoni eggs | Energy healing

Slow, meditative pleasure to deeply heal and rewire...

...self care for the modern woman in an awakening world.

Welcome to the The Art Erotic, New Zealand based suppliers of high quality crystal dildos and yoni eggs.

Our crystals were designed to encourage a slower and deeper self pleasure experience, in order to reconnect you to your inherent sensuality, increase orgasmic capacity, and rewire the body for deeper cervical and G-spot orgasms. 

When we rewire the body for deeper pleasure we replenish our vital life force energy; elevating our mindset, fine tuning our physiology and boosting our wellness, youth and creativity. 

Using a combination of deep, slow breathing and intention, as well as ancient Tantric practices such as self massage and intentional touch, we can shift out of old patterns and rewire the body for deeper states of pleasure and wellness.
While our product line is less extensive than some other stores, this is because we only sell the highest quality crystals that are unquestionably body safe in regards to their mineral make-up, porosity and durability.

Why do we need more pleasure? 

You may ask, in light of the developments and events unfolding in the modern world...why do we need more pleasure? At The Art Erotic, it isn't so much about better orgasms, as it is about becoming aligned within our divine, earthly selves.

Becoming embodied...

It is a great spiritual teaching that in order to find peace, happiness, joy and bliss,
One must first become present,
Without this basic premise there is no rapture and there is no simple joy.
How we do sex is how we do life...
When we slow down and become present,
It is only then that we can find true bliss,
And when we have bliss within,
We will see balance in the world.