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  Welcome to the The Art Erotic, New Zealand based stockist of high quality crystal dildos and yoni eggs

 The benefits of the crystal dildo and the yoni egg practice 

 Crystal sex toys and yoni eggs were designed with a slower self pleasure experience in mind, in order to reconnect you to your inherent sensuality, increase orgasmic capacity, and rewire the body for deeper cervical and G-spot orgasms. 

 The yoni egg practice is 5,000 years old, hailing from the East, and honoured within Taoist & Tantric traditions.

The yoni egg works with the subtle energy layers of the body and helps to replenish your vital life force, boosting pleasure, vitality, youth, wellness and creativity. 

 Using a combination of breath work, body work, meditative practices, self massage and intentional touch, we can shift out of old patterns and rewire the body for deeper states of pleasure and wellness.


Meet Aysha 


Reiki Master Healer New Zealand


Aysha is a Reiki Master and intuitive healer from London living in a beautiful coastal town in New Zealand, Old Lemuria.


She has been working intuitively with energy healing and the collective quantum reality through deep prayer and meditation since the age of 14- when she stumbled upon the inherent life force in all things in her hands, through pure reason and faith.


 Like much of the planet Aysha has been clarifying her own subconscious and energy field since 2020 using breath work, meditation, conscious pleasure and somatic awareness. 

At 25 she was the victim of a scopolamine attack, a highly dangerous substance which turns off the central nervous system leaving you susceptible and compliant to suggestion, and in Aysha's case- disconnected from her body for the most part of 15 years.


Aysha has healed from intense dissociation, the effects of complex trauma in the body, and a lifetime of chronic illness of the reproductive system using the pillars of conscious pleasure, increasing body awareness, somatic experiencing, meditation and breath work-


The principles, products and practices herein, are the methods used by Aysha to heal and awaken her own light body, and they support the the divine feminine conscious awakening that we see unfolding in the world today.


Aysha is a priestess of the Isis - Magdalene path, honouring the sacredness in sexuality; in our pure essence, and is devoted to the unification of the sexual with the sacred once again; helping women to heal the yoni to heart connection, to live from their truth and love. 


 Now at 40 Aysha is writing her book, a healing memoir, title in progress "Scopola-mind" which outlines core elements of her healing journey, and how she went from surviving with a fragmented mind to feeling more conscious than ever, using the pillars that The Art Erotic is based upon.

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