Yoni eggs - Jade Eggs 

Slow pleasure for sexual healing. Rewire the body for G spot orgasms and cervical orgasms

A slow and intentional pleasure and wellness practice using non vibrating crystal tools rewires your body-mind, quickly giving you access to deeper states of pleasure.  The Yoni Egg practice has been used by women looking for sexual healing for thousands of years. When used intentionally, it resensitises and rewires your body for deeper G spot orgasms, and cervical orgasms. The Yoni Egg can benefit all women wherever on the spectrum you fall, between too much tension and tightness- essentially stress in the yoni, or not enough control, and a need for vaginal toning. When used with yoni exercises it can quickly bring more sensitivity, blood flow and healing to your pelvic region; to tighten and tone, or encourage the release of stress and stuck energy- hence resensitizing the yoni. Using the Yoni Egg quickly becomes a beautiful and gentle ritual to help you to clear layers of emotion held within the physical representation of your subconscious, your body, your holy temple- your Yoni.