Woman Torso In Black Lace Bra Holding Yoni Egg Behind Her Back
Woman Torso In Black Underwear Holding Yoni Eggs In Palm
Woman Sitting On Floor Holding Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs To Her Thigh Next To Pillar Candle In Glass Vase
Black obsidian yoni egg on wooden background
Woman Torso In Black Underwear Holding Yoni Eggs In Palm


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The Black Obsidian Yoni Egg

Clear sexual trauma, pain and numbness| Increase your capacity for G spot and cervical orgasms with the black obsidian yoni egg

Made from 100% natural black obsidian; this yoni egg really is an imperative self- care tool for all women. Many shamanistic cultures throughout the ages have used black obsidian for its protective and grounding qualities. The black obsidian yoni egg is a the first yoni egg a woman should own; if she has sensitivity issues within the yoni, or blocks to pleasure. This powerful stone will quickly draw you into your own body, and acts as a shield to the emotions and intentions of others, making you very aware of, and present within your own safe space. 

Wearing black obsidian as a yoni egg is a grounding experience, and because of this one is better able to connect to the pleasure, and the subtle energy within the body. 

Black obsidian is a volcanic lava that has cooled very quickly. It is extremely durable and has a highly reflective, glass-like appearance. 


The black obsidian yoni egg:

  • Encourages the healing of root chakra issues 
  • Helps with grounding
  • Clearing out negative patterns from one's life
  • Good for spiritual growth and evolution
  • Cleanses negative "psychic smog"
  • Psychic protection
  • Can for some enhance the gift of prophecy and clear sight
  • Helps you to clear, hence to heal
  • Great stone for beginning your spiritual and sexual healing journey


Product description: 

5-6 Mohs hardness

Highly light reflective glass-like black. Sometimes carries greyish, translucent or shiny inclusions.


Yoni egg sizes:

S: 20 x 30mm

M: 30 x 45mm

L: 35 x 48mm 


Which size is right for me?

We recommend large for women who have given birth vaginally, or have a weak pelvic floor, medium for most women starting out, and small for experienced yoni egg users.

If you have a need for tightening, Yoni Eggs provide the all important element of resistance for your Kegel exercises, or Yoni Egg Yoga. If you fall on the other end of the scale and want to release tension and tightness, or if you simply want to enjoy the pleasure that Yoni Eggs bring- medium is a good starting point. Graduating to a small size after some time using a medium, is recommended in order to fine tune your connection to internal pleasure and your subtle, sexual energy.

If you are interested in a set of three yoni eggs of the below sizes please enquire as to availability in the stone of your choice.


Choose from:


For women just starting out we suggest a drilled egg, you can string it with non-waxed, non-minted floss or natural non dyed string for easy retrieval.


Yoni Egg overview:

The yoni egg sits within your vagina. It cannot travel any further into your body than the vaginal cavity, as the entrance to the cervix is too small.The yoni, however will always mirror how you feel; if you are tense, your yoni will be tense and the egg will become harder to retrieve. Knowing that the yoni egg has no physical route further into your body than the vaginal canal provides assurance, and until you are comfortable with your egg you thread it with string for easy retrieval. 

Another thing to remember is that our yoni egg practice can and should be a personal thing, either with focused Kegels and toning exercises, or a slower, more meditative approach- the key is always listening to your body and your yoni- what feels right for you. 


Black obsidian Yoni egg meditation uses:

With the black obsidian egg, many women tend to have emotional releases in the days after using the egg. The obsidian egg works really well with the stress held in the cells of your body, and your combined ritualistic intention works on the subconscious. During or after your yoni egg practice it is very common to experience buried anger, sadness, and other uncomfortable emotions after as they arise from the subconscious, and traverse your conscious mind to be felt and hence released. This is the purging or shedding process, and with deep intention, meditation and the asking of your higher self/ the divine to help you access healing- it is not only possible, but normal to be able to clear all kinds of trauma and patterning from this life and prior ones- this is ancestral healing.

Light a candle and lay out your yoga mat. Lay flat on your back and with bent knees allow your legs to fall open. Take a few deep breaths into your womb, allowing the belly to rise, and to fall gently. Arrive in your body. Place your hands over your sacral chakra with an intention to connect to your own sacred, sexual life force energy, in order to heal, and increase your well-being. Begin to breathe deeper. Allow yourself to feel everything that comes up.

Pair your black obsidian yoni egg meditation with this root chakra healing music at 396hz which is the frequency known to work on removing feelings of guilt from the body.



Care instructions:

Wash with warm water and a gentle soap. Cleanse in the moonlight or sunlight. Almost all crystals will carry visible inclusions, although these should not be felt on the surface of the crystal. We take utmost care to ensure all our crystals are free from surface cracks. With proper care and attention your crystal dildos and yoni eggs should last a lifetime.

All pieces are from the earth and are hand shaped so please expect slight imperfections and differences in colour


Please note all prices are in NZD


Woman Torso In Black Underwear Holding Yoni Eggs In Palm
Woman Sitting On Floor Holding Black Obsidian Yoni Eggs To Her Thigh Next To Pillar Candle In Glass Vase
Black obsidian yoni egg on wooden background