Woman Torso in Black Lace Underwear Holding Yoni Eggs
Woman Holding Yoni Eggs Wearing White Shirt and Black Lace Underwear
Woman Holding Yoni Eggs Wearing White Shirt and Black Lace Underwear


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The Clear Quartz Yoni Egg

Boost your sexual and creative energy with the clear quartz yoni egg

Made from 100% natural clear quartz. This yoni egg acts as a mover and a shaker- a bringer of light. All energy work and healing is about the movement of energy, essentially clearing slower moving, lower vibrational "stuck" energy and emotion from the bodying the subconscious. Clearing the old to make way for the new.

Clear Quartz is super highly charged; and in its nature, it facilitates the movement of energy, making them an integral element of the Quartz watch. Using a yoni egg made from this stone is a powerful practice, because it stimulates energy flow within your yoni and womb; your energetic core, and centre. The clear quartz yoni egg is an adaptable stone, can be and programmed for a range of uses, and will amplify any kind of energy work. 


Clear quartz Yoni Egg benefits:

  • Resonates with all chakras
  • Amplifies energy and is highly "programmable" 
  • Absorbs negative energy and transmits positive energy
  • Expands consciousness 
  • Facilitates openness 
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Cleanses the organs and subtle bodies
  • Enhances energy and a feeling of wellbeing


Product description:

7 Mohs hardness

Clear Quartz ranges in very translucent to very cloudy and almost opaque, with many inclusions. It can also present with flashes of the rainbow spectrum


Yoni egg sizes:

S: 20 x 30mm

M: 30 x 45mm

L: 35 x 48mm 


Which size should I get?: 

We recommend large for women who have given birth vaginally, have a weak pelvic floor, or who have the personal feeling that they would like to tone and tighten their Yoni. Medium is recommended for most women starting out, and who have not given vaginal childbirth. A small yoni egg is recommended for women who have been using the yoni egg for some time. To graduate to a small size is a wonderful initiation into more subtle and deep layers of pleasure and energy within one's body. 

Yoni eggs can be used as a tightening tool, to provide resistance for your Kegel practice, or they are also as beneficial for women wanting to release tension from the Yoni and the pelvic region, and used with gentler, meditative practice and breath work. 

If you are interested in a set of three yoni eggs of the below sizes please enquire as to availability in the stone of your choice.


Choose from:

Drilled/ undrilled

For women just starting out we suggest a drilled egg, you can string it with non-waxed, non-minted floss or natural non dyed string for easy retrieval.


Yoni Egg Overview:

When you place the Yoni Egg into the Yoni, it sits within the vaginal cavity and can move its way up toward the entrance to the cervix, but it is physically impossible for it to go any further, or to get stuck. 

The Yoni Egg Practice provides a wide range of health benefits for women, from helping you to reconnect with your pleasure and your subtle energy, to helping you to clear deep seated trauma and conditioning held in the body. 


Clear Quartz yoni egg uses:

Clear quartz is often overlooked by women choosing a yoni egg stone, but it should not be underestimated in what it can do for your health and wellbeing. It is a great stone to use regularly and after some time and focus with the darker stones, and practices such as Tantric yoni massage, and once you have cleared some layers of stuck energy from the body. 

Clear quartz acts as an amplifier to your own energy and brings feelings of clarity, vitality and wellness. By encouraging the life force movement within your system, it continues to gently cleanse your energy field, as a flowing streams waters run clear. 

This full body aura cleanse sound bath with all 9 Solfeggio frequencies from creators of soothing meditation sounds- Meditative Mind, available on YouTube, is a good choice for use with your meditation and yoni egg yoga, using the clear quartz yoni egg.




Care instructions:

Wash with warm water and a gentle soap. Cleanse in the moonlight or sunlight. Almost all crystals will carry visible inclusions, although these should not be felt on the surface of the crystal. We take utmost care to ensure all our crystals are free from surface cracks. With proper care and attention your crystal dildos and yoni eggs should last a lifetime.

All pieces are from the earth and are hand shaped so please expect slight imperfections and differences in colour


Please note all prices are in NZD

Woman Holding Yoni Eggs Wearing White Shirt and Black Lace Underwear