Yoni egg 101

Yoni egg 101

 What is a yoni egg practice?

The yoni egg or jade egg practice originates from Ancient China, it is a practice that is approximately 5000 years old. It was originally known only to the concubines and women in higher society, but is today becoming very well known and widely utilised by women all over the world. In summary, a yoni egg is a crystal stone carved into the shape of an egg that you insert into the vaginal canal.

What is the yoni egg practice said to help with?

The practice actually has wide ranging and surprising benefits;...

The real Sex Magick- heal and evolve using your sexual energy

The real Sex Magick- heal and evolve using your sexual energy

Taboo. Guilt. Shame

Have you noticed how taboo of a subject self pleasure is? In the world today it is more taboo of a subject than sex. Yet both fare quite terribly on the scale of conversation ease.

This is simply because of our conditioning and indoctrination at large, for centuries.

Phew! Well now that's put to rest we can move forward in to a new paradigm and way of thinking regarding sexuality.

Plainly put; a healthily expressed sexuality within an individual is their greatest power and their greatest creative resource. 

Our pleasure is indeed a...